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Search engines

Post by pertneer » Sun Jul 26, 2009 8:20 am

I was doing some searching today and find that this site is starting to get a higher ranking on he search engines, just not as high as I would like as of yet. Maybe it will payoff soon, with some new members.

I did a couple of searches on Google and Yahoo search engines with Jeep fab and jeep fab forum and the on Yahoo it comes up on the first page both, but Google it on does for the second one.

I also use Google analytics and and the site is getting the traffic just not the member registrations. What to do, what to do. That is the magic question.

This is an image of the keywords that Google says people are searching for before they click on the link to this site.
This is where they are located.
There is a lot more information that I can obtain and I am current thinking of a plan of how to lure more people to this site.
I do have the Site name on the back of my Jeep so that other Jeep enthusiasts see it when they see me when I am driving it or offroading with it. I am looking it to some stickers with the site name and logo, I just do not know how to go about distributing them around the country.
Any Ideas are welcome.
The best path of getting people to this site seems to be word of mouth or links to it from other forums that I use also. (Link added to My signature Line)
I have to be careful not to just post about it on other forums, because they usually see that as spam and delete it. (have not had a problem with it, because I try to respect there rules) They do not have that same problem with others placing links to relevant content on this site as long as they do not just say "Hey visit this site".
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