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New Knowledge base

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New Knowledge base

Post by pertneer » Tue Jan 01, 2013 7:13 pm

I have updated the knowledge base on this site. I have been developing this new knowledge base myself, so a few bugs may exist.

Some new feature within the knowledge base
  • Search the knowledge base
  • Rate Articles
  • Request new articles
  • Write and submit articles for approval
  • Export articles into a word document for printing
  • Local link to article in the kb such as this one on Basic Trail Safety
  • Link on another site. You can give link on another site to an article on this site. An example of a link to an article on another site with a kb.
You will also notice a new user by the name of Article Bot. This is just a software bot on this board to announce the release of a new article. Please feel free to discuss these articles in this new topic.

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