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YJ Frame

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YJ Frame

Post by pertneer » Fri Nov 29, 2013 10:16 pm

I have looked in the past for enough information to create a complete frame for a jeep in a cad file. Hoping to make it easier to create parts for my Jeep. I have been looking for a Cj 7 frame and have only been able to come up with enough information for a YJ frame. I would like to say that I created this file but I did not, I found it on It is a Solidwork's file, but if someone wants the file I can convert it to another format if needed. This should better aide in creating part that attach to the frame. You do have to register at grab-cad to download. If you don't want to do that send me a PM and I will forward it to you.
YJ frame.JPG
If anyone knows where to get information for a CJ, Yj, TJ, etc please share the links.
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