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Creating Links

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Creating Links

Post by pertneer » Mon Apr 13, 2009 12:01 pm

Linking to another site
BBCode supports a number of ways of creating URIs (Uniform Resource Indicators) better known as URLs.

* The first of these uses the tag, whatever you type after the = sign will cause the contents of that tag to act as a URL. For example to link to you could use:

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[url=]Visit Jeep-Fab![/url]
Visit Jeep-Fab!

This would generate the following link, Visit Jeep-Fab! Please notice that the link opens in the same window or a new window depending on the users browser preferences.
* If you want the URL itself displayed as the link you can do this by simply using:

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This would generate the following link," onclick=";return false;
* Additionally, phpBB features something called Magic Links, this will turn any syntactically correct URL into a link without you needing to specify any tags or even the leading http://" onclick=";return false;. For example typing

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into your message will automatically lead to" onclick=";return false; being output when you view the message.
* The same thing applies equally to e-mail addresses, you can either specify an address explicitly for example:

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which will output or you can just type

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into your message and it will be automatically converted when you view.

As with all the BBCode tags you can wrap URLs around any of the other tags such as (see next entry), , etc. As with the formatting tags it is up to you to ensure the correct open and close order is following, for example:


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which may lead to your post being deleted so take care.


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